Essay topic: What will I do with my first salary

I am so grateful to God that I have secured a good decent job. I have now completed one month of service. Now I am holding my first paycheck in my hands, feeling a sense of pride in myself. In an hour’s time I shall be home to give the salary to my mother and father. Taking some for my daily expenses I shall give the rest to my parents. For what they have done for me all these years, it is my turn to repay them.I will go to my uncle, sister and other friends’ hose and give them a treat. My father has promised to throw a small but grand party to my friends. This coming Sunday happens to be my birthday. Thus I would treat my friends in a grand manner.I shall buy a fishing line for myself as my favorite hobby is fishing. I shall go fishing with my friends in Changi. As I have so many things to buy, I shall buy one item with each month’s salary. I have to save some money for my future studies as I intend to do a management course at the college in the evenings so that I will get promoted.