Essay topic: The day I was sick

I was completely drenched in the heavy downpour. When I reached home, I sneezed continuously and shivered with cold. That night, I felt weak and feverish.The next morning, I did not go to school. My mother brought me to the doctor. He said I had the flu and gave me an injection to speed up recovery. He also prescribed some big white tablets for me. I was advised to drink more water, take more fresh fruits and have plenty of rest.When I reached home, I went straight to bed. I felt so weak that my mother had to carry my meals and medicine to my bed. For lunch, my mother made me a light soup to go with some bread. She also peeled an orange for me. After the simple but nutritious meal, I slept the whole afternoon away.My best friend, Sufen, called me in the evening. She sounded concerned and asked me to get better soon. She also told me some of the funny things that happened in school that day to cheer me up.That night, I felt much better. “Perhaps I can go back to school tomorrow,” I thought before falling asleep.