Essay topic: The happiest day in my life

It was Prize-presentation Day. I was chosen to be the model student of the year on the recommendation of my teachers and classmates. I was happy that they thought so well of me.When I went up the stage to collect the prestigious medal and cash award, I was filled with pride and joy. All my teachers and friends congratulated me warmly. My parents beamed widely. They were very proud of me.After the prize-giving ceremony, my parents brought me to a ‘Toys-R-Us’ shop. There, they bought me a remote-controlled model aircraft as a reward for being such a good student. I was overjoyed because I had wanted the model for a long time.In extremely good moods, we proceeded to MacDonalds for dinner. We had Big macs, French fries, milk-shakes and my favorire chicken Mcnuggets.That night, I played with my model aircraft before going to bed. For once, my puppy was allowed to sleep with me since it was such a special day. Even the night was filled with sweet dreams. It was probably the happiest day in my life.