Essay topic: Daylight robbery

My neighbor Mrs. Wu and her daughter Lily are rather vain. They are fond of wearing expensive jewelries and displaying them in public. Whenever any friends drop in to visit them, Lily enjoys showing them her collection of jewelries.One afternoon as I was returning home from the library, I noticed a strange looking man lurking outside Mrs. Wu’s house. I was curious to find out what he was up to. So I hid myself behind a huge tree. When it was time for Mrs. Wu to go for her stroll, the man quickly hid himself behind some bushes. When she walked to the gate and was about to open it, the man rushed up and pointed a knife at her. Mrs. Wu screamed. When I saw what was happening, I quickly ran to get help.I managed to stop a passing patrol car. When I told them what had happened, two burly policemen followed me. Mrs. Wu was slowly taking off her jewelries and giving them to the robber. The two policemen overpowered and arrested him. Mrs. Wu thanked me for my help. She learned a good lesson. After that terrible incident she never wore her jewelries.