Essay topic: Describe a fire in the hospital that you witnessed.

I was visiting my friend Sally in the hospital. She had a bad fall a few days ago, and she was being treated for shock and bruises. I was chatting with her when suddenly a shrill alarm went off.We saw the doctors and the nurses huddled together. Then a nurse or a doctor went to speak to each patient. A doctor approached Sally’s bed and told us that a fire had started on the seventh floor of the hospital and the fire brigade had been summoned. He told us to remain calm and we would get out of the building quickly.However some of the patients started to panic and we heard some of them crying. We also heard the siren of the fire engines. The head nurse announced that the stronger patient would have to use the emergency stair exit, while the firefighters would use special equipment to lift the injured patients through the windows.A nurse helped to guide Sally down the staircase. The nurse asked me to help another patient. I went to the next bed and helped guide a woman with a bandaged arm towards the staircase. She was sobbing quietly. I assured her that since we were on the fourth floor, we would escape without any danger.When we reached the second floor, a group of policemen and firefighters rushed to meet us. They led us to the ground floor and out of the building.The patients drew together, as though happy to see each other again. A nurse told us that the fire was under control. All the patients had been saved; and only a few suffered minor injuries. The patients clapped for they were thankful for the courage and the skill of the hospital staff, the firefighters and the policemen.