Essay topic: An amusing incident

It was April Fools’ Day. My identical twin brother, Jack, and I thought of a mischievous trick. As we were in different classes, we decided to exchange places and pretend to be each other for a day.I walked into Jack’s class confidently and mingled with his friends. Nobody suspected that I was not Jack. Only our parents could tell us apart. One of Jack’s classmates happened to celebrate his birthday that day and had brought a big ice-cream cake to class. Of course, I took Jack’s share of the ice-cream cake. What a treat!Jack’s classmates tried hard to make one another the biggest fool of the day. However, I was careful not to be tricked. Jack’s closest friends were surprised and remarked, “Jack is strangely alert today.” I almost burst out in laughter but managed to keep a straight face.Pretending to be Jack seemed fun until Jack’s teacher scolded me for failing a maths test. It was so shameful! However, instead of feeling angry, I felt sorry for Jack and decided to help him with his maths in future.At the end of the day, Jack and I told each other what happened. The next day, we laughed at our class-mates for being fools not to smell a rat.