Essay topic: Talk about your favorite teacher

Everyone sat up expectantly. It was a maths period and all of us waited eagerly for our maths teacher, Mrs Huang, to come into the class. She is very popular among us. In fact, she is my favorite teacher.Mrs Huang has short curly hair and wears thick glasses, which makes her look stern. However, she is actually very approachable and is always ready to lend an ear to our problems. She is motherly and cares very much for us. I remember once when I fell and hurt my knee. Mrs Huang helped me to stop the bleeding and took me to the clinic. I was very grateful to her.I used to dislike maths when I was younger because I found it far too complicated. Mrs Huang always makes maths lessons interesting and easy to understand. She is very patient in explaining maths problems to us and always makes sure everyone understands. Under her guidance, my maths has improved by leaps and bounds.I have grown to love maths and I always score high marks in my maths tests now. It is all because of my favorite teacher.