Essay topic: An imaginary encounter

One night, while I was about to sleep, I noticed an extremely bright star in the sky. Its dazzling glow lit the dark night and its beam fell on my bed. To my surprise, a tiny human-like creature walked down the beam. It had wide blue eyes and sharp-pointed ears. A small star shone on its forehead.“Hello, I am Starlet form outer space,” said the little creature in a high and musical voice. From the high voice, I guessed that Starlet is a female.Starlet continued, “Today is my birthday and Star Papa gave me a new spaceships. Would you like to ride in it with me?”I was filled with curiosity and followed Starlet up the beam into her spaceship. Together, we zoomed off to outer space. Looking out of the spaceship, I could see fish-like creatures rushing about in space and looking very busy.“that is the fish market,” Starlet informed me.Soon, we arrived at a restaurant, McSpace, which was floating in space. It served food which looked like starfruits but which tasted like a mixture of mutton and vanilla ice-cream. It was such fun visiting Starlet’s kingdom.Starlet sent me back to earth before dawn. Before she left, she promised to visit me again on her next birthday.