Essay topic: What is your favorite subject and why?

My favorite subject is Art.It is my favorite subject simply because I love to draw. Ever since I was a toddler I remember picking up crayons and colored pencils to scribble on books, pieces of paper and walls. Of course there were instances where I had to be spanked for dirtying the living room walls and making a mess of my big sister’s books. I have learned my lesson and I do not scribble wherever I please any more.There are only four periods of Art per week in school and I find that it is hardly sufficient. I notice that time virtually flies during an Art lesson. Eighty minutes feel more like eight minutes when I am drawing something. One moment I am taking out my Art materials, the next the teacher is asking us to hand in our work.I do not really understand why I love to draw. The fact remains so. Every chance I have in between periods, I find myself doodling or sketching something. My classmates say that I draw very well and I am inclined to agree with them, without bragging about it. Perhaps it is because I spend so much time practicing my skills.I particularly love drawing cartoons. This is one area where my creativity gets regular workouts. I sometimes draw things that amaze even myself, not less my classmates. One could say that I have a fertile imagination. Sometimes though the imagination borders on the absurd, I have to be careful not to get carried away. I have caricatures of all the teachers I know. Some of them are flattering but some cannot be shown to the persons concerned for they will certainly get upset. They are for my classmates and me to see only.I also love to draw still life in color. Coloring is really an art and I have developed considerable skills in it, much to the disbelief of my classmates. Again, as I have had so much practice in coloring, I have a distinct advantage over the rest of the class. Often I show them the finer points in drawing and coloring. I am certain some of them have improved tremendously in their drawing and coloring. In fact most of my classmates are above average in Art. Anyway that is what our Art teacher says.Finally I have to say that I find I always feel good when I am drawing something. Perhaps that is why I love Art. It is because of the good feeling that arises every time I begin to draw. I see drawing as a natural avenue for self-expression so the feeling must be good. There is nothing to remember or work out in Art as in the other subjects. All one has to do is to follow one’s feeling and the result is always pleasing.